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12 Inspirational Command Centres

If you are trying to organise your life in any way, a really great starting point probably is a Family Command Centre.

First of all what exactly is a command centre? Well, it is designated space that contains the items necessary to keep your family organised throughout the year while still being functional and of course pretty.

An effective command centre contains a variation of many items. A calendar, a notice board, an inbox, a memo board, stationery, menu plan, family schedule and maybe even some inspirational printouts. Whatever suits your needs is what you need to include, but whatever you choose to include, here is some eye candy to get you started.

12 Inspirational Command Centres

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Just Say No – The polite way to decline

No is such a simple little word, but it seems so difficult to spit it out some times. Why do we have so much trouble saying it?

So often I feel like I have too much on my plate. Why is that? Why do I feel that I have so much to do, and not enough time to do everything?

I was thinking about this over the weekend, and I have come to the conclusion that in the past a lot of things that are taking up my time aren’t even mine!

Just Say No - How to Decline Politely

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Accountability – and where you can find it.

Maintaining accountability to myself has never been easy. If you have ever listened to Gretchen Rubin’s podcaster, Happier, you will no doubt have heard her talking about The Four Tendencies. This podcast is one of my top 5 favourites that I listen to. (You can find the other ones here). Gretchen has earmarked four distinct personality types when it comes to dealing with both inner and outer expectations, and by determining which personality type you are, you can adjust your behaviours to help you reach your goals.

Accountability and where you can find it

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Evernote Community Leader

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Not because there is not much going on, but because there is so much going on.

As a bookkeeper, year end is an extremely busy time. I work a part time bookkeeping job, as well as looking after the accounts for one other company every quarter. Just to get them ready for his accountant.

But as well as the end of financial year chaos that is happening right now, I have also been very busy behind the scenes completing the online certification to become an Evernote Community Leader.

And let me tell you, I am so excited.

N.B. This post contains affiliate links.

Evernote Community Leader

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The Benefits of Organising with Anxiety

“Living with anxiety is like having a constant shadow. A shadow that knows your weaknesses and insecurities. It follows you around just to remind you of them. It lurks in the corners waiting for the perfect opportunity to become a dark cloud that hangs over your head. And it gets to the point where you are consumed with the darkness. Your weaknesses and insecurities are all that you feel.”

Organising with Anxiety - The benefits of being organised
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What to do when you are involved in a car accident

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? It is a pretty scary situation to say the least, and assuming it is only a little dingle you could still be experiencing some pretty strong emotions. Your heart is racing, you may be confused or dazed, or concerned about blocking traffic. All these things are running through your mind.

Recently as I was dropping my son to work, we came across one of his colleges in the car park, who had quite obviously been involved in a car accident.

Car Accidents - Landscape Header

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Socks! Why I don’t have a sock basket.

I have really fond memories as a kid, of sorting socks with my mum. After all the washing was done, the clothes would be folded and given to their owner to be put away, but all the socks went into a sock basket. Not matched, just tossed in. Sometimes they were matched before we got low on socks, and I remember mum and I would chat as we sorted and folded. Other times we would be getting low on socks, or more likely we had already run out, and we would scrounge around in the sock basket looking for two that match. Or, just two that fit!!
What’s even funnier than that is, when I mentioned socks and the need for a sock basket to my little sister, who is 17 years my junior, she said “A what basket.”
 Why I don't have a sock basket

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