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Life Goals Vs. New Years Resolutions 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! I love the possibilities that a new year promises. A fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. Bring it on.

Last year I shared that I have never been good at making New Years Resolutions. Or more accurately, I am great at making them, not so good at keeping them. (You can check out that post here.)

Life Goals 2018


I decided that my New Years Resolutions were going to be more like “Life Goals”. Changes that were not drastic, but would make a huge difference to my life, and take me in the direction of where I wanted to go.

I came up with four areas of goals that I wanted to make changes in:

1. Simplify
2. Minimise
3. Organise
4. Digitise

So let’s start by looking back at those goals and how I went. Unfortunately, I didn’t do so great in some areas, but on the upside, I did do better in others.


My idea to simplify meant a number of things. Reducing the commitments, organising myself, removing people from my life that don’t add value and improving my health, as well as letting go of some of my self-imposed expectations.

1. Commitments

Commitments for myself turned out to be ok. It was the commitments to others that I struggled with. Namely my son. So I instated a policy. If it wasn’t approved by me on a family calendar, it wasn’t happening. This has been working really well, and I do intend to continue with this.

2. People

I have taken great pleasure in limiting my contact with negative people. And I feel a whole lot better for having done this.

3. Health

Health is a tough one. While I did get my numbers down in the areas that I needed to, as far as my blood test results, (Yay me!) I have had so many other problems arise. All of them are relatively harmless, but it is the ongoing doctor’s appointments, scheduled scans, blood tests, and follow-ups that are taking their toll too. The scales were not kind to me, and this, in turn, exacerbates the other issues. Health is an area that I really need to pay some serious attention to this coming year.

4. Expectations

So my expectations were kind of overlooked a bit. I haven’t moved the unfinished projects on or finished them either. But one big step I made was to gather all of my craft supplies and do a massive cull. I can honestly say that I moved on approximately 75% off what I owned in this area. I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to go back to paper scrapbooking. I may go back to Project Life so I have kept those items, and a few others here and there, but the rest is gone! And wow, that is actually a really great feeling.


I wanted to concentrate more on minimising the things in my life, and I would like to say that I have gone ok here. I don’t buy crap I don’t need, I am very measured in the items I bring into my home, I can quite easily let go of things and I seriously don’t have a problem saying “No, thank you.” I think I still have a long way to go, but I am well on my way.


I am still working towards getting rid of all the excesses of my home and life, but those that I have gotten rid of have made a huge difference. For example… that craft stuff I mentioned that was all over the place… Gone. And what is left, is all in one area neatly arranged. Again, still, a long way to go, but I am getting there.


This was a big one.

Am I there yet? Not by a long shot.

But here’s the thing. I have set in place a workflow of how to deal with new photos/papers/files as they come in, which I will be sharing in an upcoming post.

This is such a mammoth task for me, but I am determined to get there. Maybe 2018 is the year that I do.

So there you have it – My Life Goals from 2017 and moving into 2018

So what is changing for this year? Well not much really.

I still want to achieve the same goals. I still want to simplify, minimise, organise and digitise. And I will be continuing on with these exact same goals in 2018. But I have a couple of extra’s that I am adding to my list.

Not New Years Resolutions, but goals. Things to work towards.

These include:

  • Get back to drinking two litres of water per day
  • Walk Max (the dog) daily
  • Take my medication/vitamins daily
  • Dry January – a challenge my niece set… No alcohol for 31 days, though I think her goal was to make it to Australia Day on the 26th. I think I can go longer.
  • Read more, which should be much easier with my Audible subscription.

Comment below and let me know what your goals or resolutions are. I would love to hear what others are aiming for.

Here we go. Look out 2018, we are on our way!




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    January 15, 2018

    Well done Nikki!! I’m inspired and will be introducing your son/calendar idea!
    Happy 2018!!

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