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What to do when you are involved in a car accident

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? It is a pretty scary situation to say the least, and assuming it is only a little dingle you could still be experiencing some pretty strong emotions. Your heart is racing, you may be confused or dazed, or concerned about blocking traffic. All these things are running through your mind.

Recently as I was dropping my son to work, we came across one of his colleges in the car park, who had quite obviously been involved in a car accident.

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It seemed no one was hurt, but the left front bumper was pushed into the drivers side door of the other car. At first glance you would automatically assume she was in the wrong.

I could see that the lady was visibly shaken and wasn’t quite sure what to do. There were a few other men that had come out into the carpark who were obviously known to both her and the driver of the other car.

I thought to myself that her collegues would take care of her and get all the details, but as I started to drive off, something about the way she was looking in my rear view mirror made me turn around.

I remembered when I was hit in the rear end a few years prior by a driver who was on his phone, the panel beater slipped a little card into my glove compartment after the repair was completed. On this card it detailed all the information that should be exchanged, in order to sort situations like these out.

When I looked over at this poor woman, she looked frazzled. Quite frankly, it looked like the other guys were ambushing her.

When you’ve had an accident you are really not thinking clearly. You’re worried that somebody may be hurt, about how much damage has been done and of course how much it’s going to cost. As well as how long you’ll be without a car while it is being repaired. The last thing you think about is what you need to do to protect yourself against any insurance claims.

While there were quite a few people there, they all seemed to be wandering around looking at both cars. No one was comforting this visibly distressed woman in any way. I reversed back to where she was, parked my car and grabbed the little card out of my glove compartment.

I walked over to her and asked her if she was ok? As she turned around I could see that she was on the phone, and was just was in the process of asking the person on the other end what she needed to do. That was when I handed her my little card which detailed the steps of exactly what needed to be done.

As she quickly hung up her call, I advised this lady, who’s name was Sandra, that I have been in her position and I know exactly how she was feeling.

I explained to her about the card from the panel beater, and we went through it all together.

I also suggested that in addition to the information that needed to be exchanged, she should take a few photos of the position of the cars from a few different angles, as well as the damage to both vehicles and a picture of the other drivers’ licence, just for safekeeping.

Having a car accident is a terrible experience for anyone but having no idea what to do as well, is not the ideal situation.

Sandra immediately seemed to calm down. Having some directions to follow, and some obvious steps to take, put her mind at ease enough to start taking action.

As it turns out, Sandra was not at fault. The other driver was reversing back through the car park quite quickly, but was looking over his left shoulder and did not see he was heading straight for another car to his right.

I am so glad that I was able to assist Sandra in some small way. To help settle her nerves a little and start moving forward with what needed to be done.

But I was left without my little set of instructions in case I was ever involved in another accident.

So what is a girl to do? Create my own of course.

I have compiled an information sheet for you to download that will walk you through the main steps to take when involved in an accident. While it is not a requirement to contact the police for all accidents, each and every situation is different, along with each state and country’s laws. If you are unsure, please check with a professional, such as the police or your insurance company if you need further assistance.

In the event of a car accident

Note: This is intended as a guide only. No responsibility will be taken for any issues arising from the use of this download.


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