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Evernote Community Leader

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. Not because there is not much going on, but because there is so much going on.

As a bookkeeper, year end is an extremely busy time. I work a part time bookkeeping job, as well as looking after the accounts for one other company every quarter. Just to get them ready for his accountant.

But as well as the end of financial year chaos that is happening right now, I have also been very busy behind the scenes completing the online certification to become an Evernote Community Leader.

And let me tell you, I am so excited.

N.B. This post contains affiliate links.

Evernote Community Leader

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Socks! Why I don’t have a sock basket.

I have really fond memories as a kid, of sorting socks with my mum. After all the washing was done, the clothes would be folded and given to their owner to be put away, but all the socks went into a sock basket. Not matched, just tossed in. Sometimes they were matched before we got low on socks, and I remember mum and I would chat as we sorted and folded. Other times we would be getting low on socks, or more likely we had already run out, and we would scrounge around in the sock basket looking for two that match. Or, just two that fit!!
What’s even funnier than that is, when I mentioned socks and the need for a sock basket to my little sister, who is 17 years my junior, she said “A what basket.”
 Why I don't have a sock basket

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Back To School Series Part 2 – How We Organise School Clutter – Organise It All

Welcome back to Part Two of the Back To School Series, which is a collaboration between myself and Hailey at Organise It All. If you missed the first two instalments, jump on back to the blog and check them out. You can find Hailey’s here and mine here.

Today Hailey is going to share with us how she organises her school clutter.

Back to School Series - OIA - Part 2 Header

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Back To School Series – Part 1 – Our Family Organisation – An Organised Home

Where on earth did 2016 go? It is nearly time to start school again already!

I swear it still only feels like November, yet here we are in mid way through January already. Right now, while I am writing this, I am off sailing the South Pacific Islands enjoying a well earned holiday. But not before I have put a few things in place. At least then, the back to school transition will run smoothly when we return.

This post is the first of a three part series that I was asked to participate in. I would like to thank Hailey from Organise It All for asking me to take part in her back to school series. And for sharing her first step earlier this week. I really hope that these posts add some value to you.

Back to School Series - AOH - Part 1 Header

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Easy Off BAM Australia – Can I take him home?

My sister bought this amazing commercial from Easy Off Bam to my attention this morning and since I enjoyed it so much, I had to share it with you. Let me tell you, it sure put a spring in my step while tidying up.

Who would have thought that cleaning could actually be exciting because I sure didn’t. Well if it is done like this, then now I do. Unfortunately, my cleaning tends to go a little more along these lines

We could all use a little bit of this kind of light in our lives. If I could just have this guy to come to my place and clean for me, maybe I would learn to love it a little more.

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“If you can’t find something, clean up!”

Zachary is just not a tidy person. Despite the fact that I tell him every single morning to clean up, to make his bed, put the empty coat hangers back in his wardrobe, fold his pyjamas, put them away and close his wardrobe doors, despite the fact that every single evening I tell him to unpack his schoolbag, prepare his books for the following day, put his clothes in the dirty clothes basket, hang his towel in the bathroom… ON THE RACK… despite all this… he is still untidy.

If you can't find something clean up

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My Five Favourite Podcasts

Housework sucks! Seriously, I don’t enjoy doing housework at all. But I do love to have a clean house. So what helps me get through? It kind of sounds like I am talking about having an arm removed or wading through a creek filled with crocodiles, doesn’t it. However, I really do need something to take my mind of what I am doing, and help the cleaning process to move along a little faster. My answer… Podcasts.


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An Organised Home

Hi there! And welcome to An Organised Home for the Highly Unmotivated Housewife. My name is Nikki, and let me start by saying thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and letting me share with you how I like to stay organised.

An Organised Home Logo

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