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Accountability – and where you can find it.

Maintaining accountability to myself has never been easy. If you have ever listened to Gretchen Rubin’s podcaster, Happier, you will no doubt have heard her talking about The Four Tendencies. This podcast is one of my top 5 favourites that I listen to. (You can find the other ones here). Gretchen has earmarked four distinct personality types when it comes to dealing with both inner and outer expectations, and by determining which personality type you are, you can adjust your behaviours to help you reach your goals.

Accountability and where you can find it

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My Five Favourite Podcasts

Housework sucks! Seriously, I don’t enjoy doing housework at all. But I do love to have a clean house. So what helps me get through? It kind of sounds like I am talking about having an arm removed or wading through a creek filled with crocodiles, doesn’t it. However, I really do need something to take my mind of what I am doing, and help the cleaning process to move along a little faster. My answer… Podcasts.


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