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12 Inspirational Command Centres

If you are trying to organise your life in any way, a really great starting point probably is a Family Command Centre.

First of all what exactly is a command centre? Well, it is designated space that contains the items necessary to keep your family organised throughout the year while still being functional and of course pretty.

An effective command centre contains a variation of many items. A calendar, a notice board, an inbox, a memo board, stationery, menu plan, family schedule and maybe even some inspirational printouts. Whatever suits your needs is what you need to include, but whatever you choose to include, here is some eye candy to get you started.

12 Inspirational Command Centres

1. Kitchen Bulletin Board & Built-In Pet Bowls

I’m not sure if I fell in love with this one because of the pet bowls, or the handy slide out bench, but this is such a practical noticeboard/command centre. There is enough space to add a little container of pens and pencils, and even a notepad for those quick “I must jot this down before I forget it” moments. Of course, the clean white feel appeals to me also.

Bulletin Board with Pet Station

Source: Dave Stimmel

2. Pottery Barn Daily System

The country-style with so much space is a real draw here. The baskets can hide anything from sight, while the greenery adds another dimension. Probably the best feature here is that there is so much space and as a result there is a spot to hang your keys, pin a note or just drop something into one of the many pockets.

Pottery Barn Daily System

Source: Image: Apartment Therapy, System: Pottery Barn

3. Clean and Scentsible Kitchen Command Centre

Martha Stewart… need I say more? In typical Martha style, this command centre is oh so functional, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing. I love that you have the ability to move things around and that everything just clips in so easily. If only I could find this at my local Officeworks.

Clean & Scentsible Command Centre

Source: Clean and Scentsible

4. How to Nest for Less Command Centre

Another simple but beautiful command centre. And as it turns out, rather inexpensive. The calendar was created by the author and placed in a frame. That way you can use a dry erase marker to jot down anything you need to remember. Some desk organisers screwed to the wall in addition to a couple of quotes above. I absolutely adore how simple this one is!

How to Nest for Less Command Centre

Source: How to Nest for Less

5. Not Just a Housewife Command Centre

So maybe you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a regular command centre. A few simple trays for notes etc can work just as well, therefore, giving you a clean, neat and very tidy space!

Not Just a Housewife Command Centre

Source: Not Just a Housewife

6. One Creative Housewife Command Centre

While I am trying to move away from using black, there is something about this command centre that draws me in every time I see it. I think it is the symmetry, the versatility and the different textures with the wire, whiteboards, and printouts. Very inspiring.

One Creative Housewife Command Center 6

Source: One Creative Housewife

7. Home Heart Harmony Command Centre

This command centre really gives the space some personality. This little nook in what looks to be a hallway, has been used so effectively. And that infographic above! That is just genius!

Home Heart Harmony Command Centre

Source: Home Heart Harmony

8. The Caldwell Project Command Centre

When I was searching for command centres, I have to admit, I kept coming back to this one over and over again. So many pockets and places for stationary and information. I love the framed menu and calendar and of course the cute little saying “I love us”.

The Caldwell Project Command Centre

Source: The Caldwell Project

9.  See Vanessa Craft Command Centre

The bright colours are just so visually pleasing here, however, the cute little pictures and a spot for files are just as adorable. I am in love with the metal pails for the odds and ends. What an amazing way to add some more interest to a command centre.

See Vanessa Craft Command Centre

Source: See Vanessa Craft

10.  The Happy Housie Command Centre

Another little hidey hole that has been given a wonderful purpose. Who says you need a lot of room to have a great command centre. It seems like this proves that a little space is just enough while also providing some really great functionality.

The Happy Housie Command Centre

Source: The Happy Housie

11.  Organizing Homelife Command Centre

Oh, my goodness. If I had a spare cupboard in the kitchen this would be mine! So creatively hidden yet still extremely functional. An especially clever use of space right here.

Organizing Homelife Command Center

Source: Organizing Homelife

12.  Pottery Barn Galvanized System Command Centre

Normally this look would not be my cup of tea, but there is something about this that I just can’t go past. It has everything you need and because of this there is plenty of spaces for storage, somewhere to jot down notes, and a nice big calendar to keep track of those important dates.

Pottery Barn Galvanized System

Source: Pottery Barn

I hope that this inspires you to create a space worthy of your family demands as well as their needs. A centralised place for all that important information that is accessible to everyone is truly a must for any home.

Do you have a command centre? Maybe you have something different altogether. I would love to hear how you organise your family in the comments below.

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