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Back To School Series Part 3 – Organising School Work – Organise It All

Organising school work can be a bit of a nightmare, however, take it from someone who knows, this can be rectified.

Today we have Hailey from Organise It All back with us again for last time with Part 3 of the Back to School Series.

Take it away Hailey…

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Good morning guys and welcome to my third and final installment to the back to school series.

I can’t believe how fast this month has gone! In just 3 short days I will be sending Master 5 off to his first day at Kindergarten. We are well and truly organized and my little man is totally excited…… me on the other hand…I’m extremely anxious. Deep breaths Hailey, deep breaths.

Before we jump into part 3 of the series, lets take a look back at what we have covered so far in terms of school organisation.

Organise It All Back to School Series Part 3 Organising School Work

Back To School Part 1

  • Command Centre
  • Family Schedule
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Routines
  • Calendars
  • Filing System

Back to School Part 2

  • School Uniforms
  • Shoes
  • Schoolbags
  • Lunch boxes
  • School Papers

Today I will be showing you how I organise and keep track of my kids school work. I have been using this system for about 2 years now, since my son began pre-school.

At the moment my children’s “school work” is any artwork that they bring home. I will continue using this system the same way as they progress through their school years, and when they begin bringing home special school assignments and important exams in the future.

My system is very basic and right from the beginning I decided that I needed it to help me limit what I hold onto. You have to be very particular in what you keep or you will be drowning in school papers for the next 13 years. Once that file is full you need to either stop keeping artwork or take something else out in order too keep a new piece. That is the rule.

The following is what I created to hold all the school work.

Supplies used for organising school work

  • File box
  • Suspension files
  • Manilla folders
  • Free printables (you can find the links below)

I got my file box from kmart a few years back for around $15 but I found this from Officeworks which is very similar.

Officeworks Ezy Storage 30L File Box


What I Did

I started with the pre-school files, labelling them with the year. Having worked in child care for 8 years, I know how much artwork they bring home. Funnily enough my son was never a big fan of doing craft at pre-school, he was far too busy running around playing outside to stop long enough for craft. So most of his artwork was from when I used to do it with him as an infant. I am hoping I get a little more craft work from my daughter.

I then continued to label the remaining files Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2 and so on, all the way to Year 12. (Yikes that is a scary thought…. my baby ….. in year 12)

The files come with little clear clip on label holders and white labels. Of course you can just write on them with a marker but I wanted to make mine pretty so I created my own labels.

Organising School Work School Year Labels

I printed them on a white cardstock then cut them out and slid them into the clips.

Inside each of the suspension files I have placed one manila folder to hold the school work.


For the front I created a fun little printable to fill out each year. It’s a place to record their teachers name, class and what they want to be when they grow up. As you can see my little guy wants to be a skateboarder. #adorable. There is also a place for a school portrait for that particular year. It is such a cute little keepsake to look back at in years to come.

Organise It All Free Printable Header

And look how organised it is!

School Work File Box Organise It All

School Work File Box Close Up Organise It All

School Work File Box Sneak Peak Organise It All


When the kids come home from school, I search through their school bags and gather papers. Any notes are filled out, important dates added to calendars and artwork is put into the keepsakes section on my desk file.

Organise It All Desktop File System

Once a week or when the file is full, all of the keepsakes are moved to their school file boxes that are stored in our garage.

I store these in the garage for an obvious reason – the boxes are big.

I love this system because once it is done, that’s it. It is a sealed box so everything inside is protected. It is so simple to just slide school work inside as needed. There are no folders, hole punches or plastic sleeves to worry about.

Having each year contained to one folder really makes you think about what pieces are truly important to you. Lets face it, your kids are not going to want box after box after box of every single piece of art and craft they have ever created, handed down to them when they head off to Uni. I know that for me personally, I keep the little works or art because they are special to me or represent something significant.

The hand and footprints remind me of how little they were at certain stages of their lives. The pictures remind me of how hard he worked to draw that ninja turtle or the page of writing reminds me of how long he sat in full concentration to write his entire name. Those are the pieces I will keep. Just because you don’t keep every single piece of work, doesn’t mean you love them any less.

Organise It All File Box


I wanted one system that will last the next 13 years. Even with the extra pre school files in there, look how much space there is left! This is a system that never needs to be updated. That was the goal and that is what I’ve created. Simple, easy, storage.

I am hoping that this inspires you to set up a school work system for you children to make the process a little easier, so I am giving you my file labels and cover pages absolutely free!!

So head over to my shop and download them today.

Download your file labels here.

Download your school year cover pages here.

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