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Socks! Why I don’t have a sock basket.

I have really fond memories as a kid, of sorting socks with my mum. After all the washing was done, the clothes would be folded and given to their owner to be put away, but all the socks went into a sock basket. Not matched, just tossed in. Sometimes they were matched before we got low on socks, and I remember mum and I would chat as we sorted and folded. Other times we would be getting low on socks, or more likely we had already run out, and we would scrounge around in the sock basket looking for two that match. Or, just two that fit!!
What’s even funnier than that is, when I mentioned socks and the need for a sock basket to my little sister, who is 17 years my junior, she said “A what basket.”
 Why I don't have a sock basket

Is this strange? I don’t think so. I have seen the cute pictures on Pinterest of how others store their socks. Especially how they get around missing socks. I mean, have a look at the ones below! Just adorable. I love these ideas. And obviously, others do the same thing as my mum. I just don’t have a need for it.
 Down to earth style sock bucket
lilluna lost socks

Fast forward 30 something years…

And this thought crosses my mind. “I don’t have a sock basket.” Just like I don’t have a junk drawer, but that is a whole other story.
When I was talking to my sisters about this, one of them mentioned that she used to play “Sock Bingo” with her kids when they were little. It sounds a little bit like “Go Fish”. Genius!!! They all took 5 socks to start with. They take turns to pull one sock out of the basket, and if they had a match they were rolled up and kept in their pile. At the end, whoever had the most pairs matched won the game. I love it! You can download my Sock Bingo PDF right here.
I don’t know what made me think of this. If I was reminiscing about times spent with mum, or if it was the thankful sigh, that when I reached into my sock drawer, they were all there. Together. Matched. Perfectly folded. Ok, so I get a little OCD at times. But I still have never had a need for a sock basket.
With only three of us in the house, and the washing being done as soon as there is enough in the basket to do a full load, I don’t really get behind on laundry at all. But I do have four simple steps that I follow when washing clothes, that I know helps prevent this exact situation.

This is what I do…

  1. As I am sorting the clothes to be washed, I am also checking that there is an even number of socks. This is easy to do when I wash pretty much every second day, and I don’t wear socks to work!
  2. If I do come across a lone sock, Zac is sent off to find it straight away. Again, one child, who I know comes home with both socks on every afternoon… It has to be in the house somewhere. And if he is putting his clothes in the dirty clothes basket after his shower, there is very little room for error!
  3. I hang the socks in their pairs on the clothesline! Pedantic? Maybe? Ok, for sure. But I soon know if I have left one in the machine or dropped it on the way to the line. Then I go back right away and find it.
  4. Lastly, I fold the clothes into a basket, as I am taking them off the line. I NEVER bring clothes in without folding them. Now having said that, my line is undercover, so I do have that luxury. Not everyone will. But our clothes will stay on the line an extra day or two if I don’t have time to fold them there and then. (Hence, you will never find a pile of clothes waiting to be folded either).

I know right. Call the crazy lady police right now!!!

I can literally feel my sisters rolling their eyes at me as I say this…
My point here is not to convert anyone to doing laundry the way I do. Or to convince you that you shouldn’t have a sock basket. This works for me as a mum to one teenager, who is usually pretty good. Plus, I have a very small house so there aren’t many places a sock could get lost.
My point was simply a fleeting thought that I had this morning. It was me taking on a little walk through the past, to a time when mum was still with us. A comparison of how differently we do things. How much times have changed. How there are some things that I do the same way mum did, and others I have totally boycotted.
However, you decide to store your socks is totally up to you. If it’s working, well great job. If not, maybe check out some of the ideas above. And if your a little on the crazy side like me, then maybe one or two of my points might work.
Who knew socks would be such an emotional subject. What is it that sends you on a trip down memory lane?


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    Marissa B

    March 14, 2017

    This! 🙂 I am totally getting a sock basket, and totally wondering why I never had one. Also wondering why I don’t buy kids’ socks in monochromatic boring packs of eight-of-the-same. No one ever can find matching socks, and finding them seems to be the biggest time sick of weekday mornings around here.

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